Partypit Pass

All players that have created a free account can play the monthly rotating game title for free! (This month is Jabbermoji) Next month, a different game title will be free to play.

If you’d like access to play all game titles, we offer the Partypit Pass as an inexpensive monthly or yearly subscription service.

For more details, see the FAQ and Terms of Service.

$2.79 Per Month
$19.99 Per Year
Save 40%

Access to all game titles

Tired of waiting until next month to play a new game title? With a Partypit Pass, you have access to the entire library of Partypit game titles!

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Fun that fits any budget

The Partypit Pass is an affordable subscription plan available in monthly or yearly renewal periods. This party won't break the bank!

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Play with distant friends

Get the Partypit Pass to play any game title with your far-away friends. Remember, only one player in your group needs access to start a game!

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Be the party hero

With the ability to play any Partypit game title, you’ll be the life of the party at your next game night, office party or holiday visit with family.

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Cancel or renew any time

Need a break? No problem! Easily cancel or renew your Partypit Pass at any time from your account settings on the Partypit website.

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Ready for full access?

To get started sign in or create a free account.

Sign up for a free account to play this month's free game, Jabbermoji!

Have Partypit Pass questions?

Want to better understand how the Partypit Pass works? Check out our FAQ for commonly-asked questions and answers.

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