Travel back in time to communicate using only your drawing skills!

Supports up to 8 players. Minimum of 3 players suggested. Appropriate for all ages.

Welcome to the Paleolithic era! You and your friends aren't great communicators. Carvings are how you convey ideas.

In this game, players will take turns being the "Neandrawthal". While it's their turn, think of them as the "artist".

When it's your turn to draw, you'll be shown a secret phrase on your device. Use your device to draw the phrase.

Other players see a group of blocks indicating how many words & letters make up your secret phrase. As you draw, letters are slowly revealed.

While you draw, other players attempt to guess the phrase before time runs out. The quicker a player guesses your secret phrase, the more points you both receive.

If you communicate your phrase well, you'll receive lots of points. But if your phrase was poorly communicated, you might receive no points at all.

When the last round has completed, the player with the most points is the named the Top Neandrawthal!

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